Global Elite Teachers

Global Elite Teachers and Personalised Education

From the leadership team to the frontline teachers, Fettes College Guangzhou brings together global education elites. The School is jointly managed by the Chinese and British principals with nearly 30 years of education and teaching experience. It adopts a unique Chinese and Western cooperative teaching model. With a very high teacher to student ratio, FCG emphasizes personalised education and provides K-12 consistent international courses for global students.

We believe in a knowledge-rich education where students acquire information and skills through discovery, challenge and reflection. Students don't just learn, they learn how to learn which sets them up for university and beyond.

A Fettes academic education is bespoke and our tailored curriculum will harness the very best aspects of Chinese, British and international curricula. As we are bilingual across our four schools, your child will have the linguistic skills to ensure their global academic future at university and beyond.

In Fettes College Guangzhou, the curriculum mainly explores six learning and development fields:

Language, Literature and Culture
Individuals and societies
Experimental Science
Mathematical Thinking
Expressive and Performing Arts and Design
Experiential Learning and PSPE

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School address: Fettes College Guangzhou, Phoenix City, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou.

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